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When an idea is born we would have to create, around it, the circumstances to lead it to success. First it has to be a good idea and then we must support it and try to visualize the project in which it will be placed.


GUSTOSAITALIA is certainly a good idea.


It's unquestionably a good project to create a brand which combines high standard Food with design selecting collections of italian delights, having great attention to the details and valuing people's work but this is not enough.


In an increasingly globalized world in which it's difficult to propose new things, we have decided to present them in a different way trying to convey our message to people who still want to taste one of the most beautiful pleasures that our life gives us.


Made in Italy, Made for Italy



DottorVino and Gustosaitalia promote together  italian delights and gastronomic artisan products. You can find Gustosaitalia's Show Room only in DottorVino Shop.



Discover the world of Gustosaitalia

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